Building Healthy Communities from the Ground up

Yes on Proposition 39

CEJA is fighting to build clean energy and win green jobs in low-income communities and communities of color. That’s why CEJA endorses Proposition 39. If passed, Prop. 39 will dedicate $550 million annually for five years to increase revenue for energy efficiency and clean energy jobs.

Proposition 39 tackles two big issues for environmental justice communities: it brings in more revenue desperately needed in California by ensuring corporations pay their fair share, and it opens up an opportunity to create thousands of jobs in low-income communities that need them the most. Read more about Prop 39 here.

Prop. 39 will move California beyond fossil fuels and support energy efficiency retrofits and clean energy projects in public schools. We support Proposition 39!

CEJA also joins our allies in the labor movement to say: NO on Proposition 32! Many CEJA members, unions, and community-based organizations across California are working to stop Proposition 32. The deceptive initiative will allow corporate CEOs to further influence our political system. It is framed as stopping special interest, but in reality it creates huge exemptions for big businesses while limiting the voice of unions, including teachers, nurses, and many working people. Low-income communities and communities of color already face an uphill battle in fighting the influence of polluting corporations on elected decision-makers, and if Proposition 32 wins it will give industries like big oil even more sway.

Check out these great videos that explain why Prop 32 is “Not what it seems”: