Building Healthy Communities from the Ground up

The Fight for Healthy Hoods Continues

Yesterday, the vote for the innovative environmental justice bill, AB 1330, got delayed. California’s most comprehensive and ground-breaking environmental justice legislation, AB 1330 (by Speaker Perez) turned into a two-year bill.  CEJA leaders and allies zipped through the halls of Sacramento this week convincing elected officials to vote for AB 1330.  Unfortunately, big industry groups who don’t want to see benefits in environmental justice communities came out in opposition and spread misinformation about the bill, forcing a delay in the vote.

AB 1330 will help alleviate the highest levels of pollution in low-income communities and communities of color.  It will drive down resources into overburdened communities, and hold the most egregious polluters accountable by increasing environmental enforcement.

This fight is definitely not over for CEJA and the environmental justice movement.  These experiences only allow our movement to grow stronger! Thank you to the many, many community members and allies who walked the halls, sent in Support Letters, made phone calls, and organized on AB 1330.  We’ll be back next year!.