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Take Action Today: Tell Legislators to Vote YES on SB 350

California’s next generation of climate policies – SB 350, SB 32, & AB 693 – set ambitious and achievable goals to meet the greatest challenge of our planet, and we’re pushing these bills all the way!

Everyday air pollution makes Californians sick, and climate change is making our fight for clean air harder. We need bold policies that will protect our health and climate, and directly benefit our state’s most vulnerable communities. SB 350 will help do just that.

SB 350 will set three goals for 2030 that will beat back climate change and bring renewable energy to local communities: increase renewable energy to 50%, reduce petroleum use by 50%, and double energy efficiency.

Send a letter to Assemblymembers today to vote YES on SB 350!

This historic bill is nearing final passage and the oil industry is trying to block this breakthrough legislation, spending millions on advertising and lobbying hard to oppose the passage of this bill. We cannot let the oil industry and their allies in the legislature stand in the way of climate justice.


Urge legislators to stand with communities of color most impacted by pollution who will benefit from increased renewable energy and reductions in petroleum use.

In California, petroleum use results in greenhouse gas emissions and smog-related pollution, which lead to cancer and other illnesses. Communities of color are hit first and worst. By cutting petroleum use, we can reduce air toxins that are damaging the lungs and hearts of millions of Californians.

Simultaneously, by increasing renewable energy, we are helping California transition off dirty fossil fuels permanently. SB 350 ensures that this renewable energy will get directly into overburdened communities that need it the most. Additionally, bills like AB 693 will help ensure that low-income renters residing in multifamily housing can also directly benefit from the expansion of renewable energy in our state.

Watch our video of CEJA leaders showing statewide support for SB 350!


We’re proud our state is leading the way on environmental and public health protections in the face of climate change. Given the ongoing climate threats to our environment and the disproportionate burden on low-income communities and communities of color, it is clear we need all three policies – SB 350, SB 32, & AB 693 – to help fight climate change, improve air quality, and bring clean energy into the communities that need it the most. With SB 350, California has another climate opportunity to protect the health of our most impacted communities.

Tell Assemblymembers today to support SB 350 to continue on a path of bold climate leadership in California!