Building Healthy Communities from the Ground up

Together we can transform and protect California’s climate for the benefit of ALL Californians

Rise Together is a movement to engage California communities in the fight for equity and justice for our environment. The only way to protect the health of our communities is to engage and mobilize toward a clean future for ourselves and our children. We must Rise Together to create a healthier California for everyone, present and future.

We cannot rest until California’s air quality dramatically improves so ALL Californians can live long, healthy lives. California can only be an international climate leader if its climate policies provide a cleaner environment for people here at home.  

The state of California is at a crossroads. Eight of the ten most polluted areas in the country are located in California. State leadership is positioning California as the U.S. climate ambassador to the world, but an opposite tale is playing out in countless communities across California. Record levels of unclean water and consistently poor air quality plagues millions of Californians.

Since the state implemented its landmark cap and trade laws, California has seen a reduction in air pollution per capita, but in the communities where big polluters are located, the air has gotten worse, and people are paying with their health. Most of the people impacted are migrants, people of color, and lower-income individuals and families.

California’s climate change laws have the potential to improve the health of Californians impacted by emissions, which would mean abating causes of chronic disease caused by air pollution, like asthma and heart disease.

Environmental justice must be a priority for California. By starting with the communities most impacted by pollution and poverty, we can create a healthier environment and more equitable economy for all Californians. If we don’t lead with equity, our climate policies will continue to fail us. Only a strong, diverse movement can help win our collective vision for environmental justice.

We must Rise Together to create a healthier California for everyone, present and future.

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