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2018 Environmental Justice Voter Guide

Our people power is rising to hold corporate polluters accountable.

As the climate crisis deepens and existing environmental health and justice issues persist, people of color have emerged as strong supporters of aggressive environmental and climate change policies. This election year, communities of color living on the frontlines of pollution, overburdened by economic inequality and health disparities, have the power to elect progressive leaders who will courageously defend communities from corporate polluters and pass bold and visionary policies.

What are the environmental justice priorities on the ballot this June? Check out our sister organization CEJA Action’s 2018 Environmental Justice Voter Guide for CEJA’s positions on key propositions!

California must continue to be a bright spot against corporate-led attacks to our resources, and the xenophobic, climate-denying tone that has captured much of national politics. This year, there are a number of ballot measures of critical importance to environmental justice communities.

On June 5th, we encourage all voters to vote YES on Proposition 68 to direct overdue funds for green spaces in park poor neighborhoods and to bring clean drinking water to all Californians and YES on Proposition 71 for an inclusive and participatory democracy. Most importantly, vote NO on Proposition 70, a corporate attack on climate action in California. We cannot let corporations control our climate policy and seize community resources to fight pollution and improve community health. Learn more at

Communities of color and working families will play a key role in shaping the outcomes of the elections in our state and are a powerful force for equitable environmental policies and a more participatory, inclusive democracy.  With your support, we can make environmental justice a centerpiece of the 2018 elections. Thank you for amplifying our 2018 Environmental Justice Voter Guide to your family, friends, and neighbors!