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2020 Environmental Justice Voter Guide

The 2020 election arrives at a critical juncture for environmental and climate crises – particularly in California, where low-income communities and communities of color often live on the frontline of worsening conditions. This moment demands bold leadership from all of us to ensure that people of color – California’s new majority – are rightly seen as a powerful force in shaping and implementing equitable environmental policies.

Communities of color and working families will play a key role in shaping the outcomes of the elections in our state and are a powerful force for equitable environmental policies and a more participatory, inclusive democracy.  With your support, we can make environmental justice a centerpiece of the 2020 elections.

YES on Proposition 13: California School and College Facilities Bond A distinctly different ballot measure than the notorious 1978 tax loophole, this Prop 13 authorizes $15 billion in bonds – spread across K-12, community college and the CSU and UC systems – for earthquake retrofits and the removal of mold, asbestos and lead to ensure the health and safety of California’s students.

The initiative would increase money received by low-income districts for construction and modernization, and emphasizes accountability and transparency. Funding would put forward-thinking safety protocols alongside immediate relief funding for disaster assistance, with priority granted to projects that address fire and life safety issues, seismic deficiencies and critical deferred maintenance issues.

In the wake of California’s deadly wildfires, and in preparation for other natural disasters, it is a vitally important funding measure for all California students.

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