Building Healthy Communities from the Ground up

A message from CEJA’s Steering Committee

With gratitude and appreciation we write to share that Gladys Limón will be transitioning out of her role as CEJA Executive Director after four years of bold and impactful leadership of our alliance. It’s been a privilege to partner with Gladys in leading CEJA through exponential growth and the strengthening of our collective political power.

CEJA’s roots are in the communities where our families and friends proudly organize to improve the health and well-being of their neighborhoods. Communities of color continue to rise, not just to speak their truth, but to lead from the frontlines of poverty and pollution across the state.

Under Gladys’ direction over the past four years, our alliance has achieved considerable victories. CEJA contributed to shaping and passing SB 100 to set a target of 100% renewable energy by 2045. Members from across the state passed AB 693 to fund solar energy for multifamily affordable housing (SOMAH) program with up to $1 billion for renters to access clean energy in environmental justice communities. We defeated Prop 70 at the ballot, an oil industry and Republican-backed campaign to seize California’s climate investments. We are turning the tide against new gas plants and are moving the state toward a decline of all fossil fuels.

Just this last week, frontline communities achieved a huge victory with the state’s announcement of a draft rule which would place a 3,200 ft setback between homes, hospitals, schools and new oil and gas wells, bringing us closer to ending oil and gas drilling in our neighborhoods.

As members of CEJA’s Steering Committee, we are honored to have worked alongside Gladys’ vision for environmental justice and are equally honored to introduce a new interim leadership team as Gladys transitions from her role with CEJA.

We welcome Tiffany Eng, CEJA’s Green Zones Manager, Denise Forrest, CEJA’s Development Manager, and Mabel Tsang, CEJA’s Civic Engagement and Electoral Manager as CEJA’s new Interim Co-Directors. We thank them for stepping up to help our team move CEJA’s vision and agenda collectively forward.

The three Interim Co-Directors are: 

  • Tiffany Eng has served as CEJA’s Green Zones Program Manager since 2016. Tiffany is a trusted CEJA leader with deep relationships with CEJA partners and community leaders. Tiffany is grounded in the principles of collaboration and community.
  • Mabel Tsang has served as CEJA’s Civic Engagement Program Manager since 2018. Mabel leads CEJA and CEJA Action’s electoral programs with CEJA member organizers and community leaders. As interim co-director, Mabel is committed to building the political power of EJ communities.
  • Denise Forrest has served as CEJA’s Development Manager since 2019. Denise is responsible for critical fund development to raise the annual budget. As the Interim Co-Director, Denise will be responsible for the oversight of CEJA’s and CEJA Action’s grants and building relationships to deepen investments in environmental justice.

Please join us in celebrating Gladys’ time with CEJA and our alliance’s accomplishments over the past four years as we honor our continued commitment to build and rise together.

In power and community,

CEJA Steering Committee

Antonio Díaz, Organizational Director, People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights (PODER)

Caroline Farrell, Executive Director, Center for Race Poverty and the Environment (CRPE)

Darryl Molina Sarmiento, Executive Director, Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)

Diane Takvorian, Executive Director, Environmental Health Coalition (EHC)

Miya Yoshitani, Executive Director, Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)