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2020 Environmental Justice Voter Guide

Our Voice, Our Vote

As we confront the triple burdens of wildfire season, health pandemic, and recession– impacting low-income communities, and people of color, first and worst – it’s time to reinvest in communities at the frontline of these crises. 

That’s why we’re proud to announce our 2020 Voter Guide ahead of the November election. Our votes this November can lead California to repeal racist barriers to education, expand voting rights, hold corporations accountable to contribute their fair share to our communities, protect tenants, and uphold criminal justice propositions previously passed by voters.

Download our 2020 Environmental Justice Ballot Proposition Guide here in Spanish and here in English. Please find the full 2020 Voter Guide at our sister site here.

Ballot propositions:

No on Proposition 14 – Stem Cell Research Bond 

A no vote will not authorize the sale of $5.5 billion in state bonds to continue stem cell research and development of medical treatments 

YES on Proposition 15 – School and Communities First

A yes vote will close tax loopholes for wealthy polluters and oil corporations to raise at least $6.5 billion for our schools and to protect California’s most polluted neighborhoods

YES on Proposition 16 – Repeal Proposition 209 

A yes vote ends racist and gender discrimination in college admissions, and government hiring and contracts 

YES on Proposition 17 – Voting Rights Restored for Persons on Parole 

A yes vote includes returning citizens on parole to have a vote and voice in democracy

YES on Proposition 18 – Voting Rights for 17-Year-Olds 

A yes vote allows 17 year old citizens to vote in primary and special elections if they are 18 by November general election

NO on Proposition 19 – Property Tax Transfers 

A no vote prohibits wealthier Californians to transfer tax breaks to homes $1 million and greater 

NO on Proposition 20 – Criminal Sentencing, Parole, and DNA Collection

A no vote upholds voter-approved Proposition 47 and 57 to oppose harsh sentences and DNA collection for non-violent crimes and continue to invest in support services

YES on Proposition 21 – Local Rent Control Initiative

A yes vote allow local governments to expand rent control and limit rent increase to no more than 15% after a vacancy

NO on Proposition 22 – App-Based Drivers Regulations 

A no vote upholds current law to extend employee labor and wage protections to Lyft, Uber and other rideshare drivers 

YES on Proposition 23 – Dialysis Clinic Requirements

A yes vote requires dialysis clinics to have on-site state certified medical professional during treatment; report data on infections; requires state approval for clinics to close or limit services; and prohibits discrimination based on payment 

NO on Proposition 24 – Consumer Personal Information Initiative 

A no vote prevents weakening existing consumer protection laws and protects the authority of the California Department of Justice to enforce digital privacy 

Neutral on Proposition 25 – Replace Cash Bail with Risk Assessments

The California Environmental Justice Alliance is the only statewide, people of color-led alliance with deep expertise on environmental and climate justice issues faced by communities on the frontline of long-term pollution, systemic racism and regulatory negligence. Our recommendations reflects that knowledge from the field and the guidance of the principles of Environmental Justice.