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SOMAH Outreach & Curriculum Manager








SOMAH Outreach & Curriculum Manager


This is a temporary, full-time position for almost one year (approx. 11 ½ months). The SOMAH Outreach & Curriculum Manager will lead the implementation of the landmark Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) Program, which allocates $1 billion for installation of rooftop solar on multifamily affordable housing in disadvantaged or low-income communities. This position will focus on creating an outreach curriculum, conducting educational outreach and recruitment, coordinating with allies within SOMAH, and ensuring compliance with program contractual obligations.

The SOMAH Outreach & Curriculum Manager will play a critical role in ensuring low-income tenants, including tenants who are monolingual in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese among other languages, in affordable rental housing in Los Angeles, Bay Area, & San Diego can access community solar. This position will support the CEJA Energy team and Communications team to successfully implement the SOMAH program. The position will lead and assist our CEJA members in creating a curriculum and coordinating the implementation of this program.


The fiscal sponsor for CEJA is the Environmental Health Coalition (EHC). The SOMAH Outreach & Curriculum Manager will be a temporary employee of EHC. This position will report to the CEJA Energy Equity Program Manager. This position will be housed in either Huntington Park, Oakland or Sacramento, with a preference in Huntington Park.


  • Marketing Education & Outreach (ME&O) Planning & Consultation
    • Provide input, feedback, and recommendations on the 2020 SOMAH ME&O plan and on ME&O materials created by the SOMAH Program Administrator (PA).
    • Develop a comprehensive ME&O plan to reach targeted communities, including the activities outlined below.
  • Materials Development
    • Lead the development of culturally and linguistically relevant curriculum to promote SOMAH to multifamily affordable housing residents and property owners.
    • Customize templated educational and marketing materials for the specific audiences SOMAH serves, namely tenants, property owners, and landlords of SOMAH-eligible buildings.
  • Marketing, Outreach & Education
    • Coordination of Community Based Organization (CBO) education and outreach activities:
      • Act as a liaison with the SOMAH PA for the CBO Subcontractor organizations and hold regular meetings (at least twelve (12) per year) with the four (4) representatives of SOMAH CBO Subcontractor organizations on SOMAH outreach to review plans and progress.
      • Consolidate CBO marketing metrics for reporting purposes.
    • Research and Feedback for Outreach and Marketing:Conduct research on how to reach SOMAH-eligible communities
      • Co-host two (2) to four (4) meetings annually with key community leaders who have expertise on community-based marketing.
      • Develop recommendations for ME&O strategies for use by the SOMAH PA and future CBO subcontractors.
      • Provide feedback on the effectiveness of SOMAH ME&O efforts by the SOMAH PA and CBO Subcontractors, and assist the SOMAH PA in its feedback collection efforts.
    • Workshops and Conferences
      • Host two (2) to four (4) train-the-trainer style educational meetings with CBOs on SOMAH for outreach and engagement.
    • Program Feedback
      • Provide written feedback to the SOMAH PA on barriers to participation identified by CBOs and other stakeholders and recommend program design improvements.
    • Other Tasks
      • Draft and submit narrative reports to be submitted with each invoice to the Program Administrator on the status of activities, effectiveness of activities in achieving purpose based on stated evaluation methods, and program feedback/learnings.
      • Prepare and submit invoices to Program Administrator.
      • Help develop, implement and participate in SOMAH outreach efforts and activities and coordinate the Alliance’s efforts.
      • Meet weekly and regularly coordinate with the SOMAH Director.


  • Commitment to environmental, social and economic justice
  • High level of proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point) and online systems like Google Docs and Box
  • Internet fluency; strong web research skills
  • Highly detail oriented and accountable
  • Self-starter and ability to work independently
  • Is able to travel in the state as needed
  • Ability to work flexible hours to respond to position needs
  • Excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstration of leadership and coordination skills: self-motivated, able to take direction and implement projects
  • Ability to handle a fast-paced work environment and take on additional tasks as needed to support CEJA’s overall mission
  • Must have strong people skills, be community-friendly and able to engage a broad spectrum of people representing various social, cultural and professional backgrounds.
  • Ability to contextualize complicated/technical data into clear and simple information for community members.
  • Cultural competence.
  • Excellent, detail-oriented project management skills.
  • Strong training or facilitation skills.
  • Public speaking/presentation experience.
  • Ability to facilitate and take part of consensus decision making process.
  • A valid driver’s license, driver’s insurance and access to a reliable vehicle.


  • B.A. in Policy, Environmental Science, Political Science, or related field.
  • 2 years of nonprofit experience.
  • Experience working with low-income housing providers.
  • Experience with meeting compliance requirements and generating or submitting compliance reports.
  • Experience working with grassroots campaigns or community organizing.
  • Experience creating community accessible curricula or popular education materials.

Starting Salary:  $55,000-63,000, depending on experience.

Benefits: CA Sick Leave. Temporary employees may accrue not more than 24 hours of CA Sick Leave in any given year.

Deadline and Start Date: Position will remain open until filled, with a start date as soon as possible.

Applications:  Email resume with cover letter to: In the subject line, put the words SOMAH Outreach & Curriculum Mgr followed by a dash and your last name, first name. For example:  SOMAH Outreach & Curriculum Mgr – Chavez, Cesar.  Please attach a Cover letter and Resume



Environmental Health Coalition is committed to equal opportunity for all persons without regard to sex, age, race, color, religion, creed, national origin, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation. EHC is committed to maintaining a work environment that is free of unlawful discrimination and harassment.

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