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2022 Ballot Measure Voter Guide

CEJA is proud to announce our 2022 Ballot Measure Voter Guide ahead of the November election. Informed by our member-leaders and a commitment to the health of working class Californians, we share these recommendations to help inform your voting this November. These are important measures which will have a direct impact for communities of color. We encourage California to commit to resourcing all economically, socially and environmentally vulnerable communities.

We are proud to endorse Proposition 1 and the right to critical reproductive health care for all Californians. We support increasing funding for arts education in public schools (Proposition 28); and increased medical supervision of dialysis clinics (Proposition 29); as well as a ban on flavored tobacco products (Proposition 31).

We offer a neutral position on Proposition 26, a ballot measure led by California tribes, which would legalize sports betting for tribal-owned casinos, and Proposition 30, a ballot measure heavily funded by ride-share company Lyft, which would create a millionaire’s tax to fund electric-vehicles and charging stations in low income communities, and prevent wildfires.   

For the health of California communities, we recommend voting no on Proposition 27, which would legalize online and mobile sports betting.

We know there are many voter guides you can turn to this year. Thank you for choosing our set of recommendations to represent how to vote with your values and visions for your communities on November 8th.

Download our 2020 Environmental Justice Ballot Proposition Guide here in Spanish and here in English.

Please find the full 2020 Voter Guide at our sister site here.

Ballot Propositions: 

Yes on Proposition 1: Right to Reproductive Freedom

A yes vote will protect the human right to abortion and access to medical care, health education and contraceptives

Neutral on Proposition 26: Legalize Sports Betting at Tribe Owned Casinos and Racetracks 

Legalizes in person sports betting at tribe-owned casinos and licensed racetracks in California for people 21 and older

No on Proposition 27: Legalize Sports Betting and Prevent Homelessness

A no vote prevents legalization of online and mobile phone sports betting for persons 21 and older, and therefore not tax those profits 10% for homelessness programs and tribal development

YES on Proposition 28: Funding for Public Arts and Music Education 

A yes vote increases at least $800 million for arts and music programs for public school students

YES on Proposition 29: Dialysis Clinic Requirements 

A yes vote requires dialysis clinics to have on-site medical professional; for a physician to report 5% or greater ownership of the clinic; to report dialysis-related infection to the state; requires state approval to close or limit services; and prohibits patient discrimination due payment method

NEUTRAL on Proposition 30: Clean Car and Clean Air Act 

Increase taxes on California’s millionaires by less than 2% to go towards zero emission cars and electric car charging stations in low income communities, and to prevent and fight wildfires 

YES on Proposition 31: Ban on Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products 

A yes vote upholds California law to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products