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Hazardous waste and race: a bad mix

When the birth defects in Kettleman City first surfaced, numerous lawmakers came to town and pledged their support.  However, we haven’t seen them since. Kettleman City is truly the litmus test for environmental justice. If the State fails us there, they fail all of you as well because no one will be safe. We call on all lawmakers to help us in our struggle for justice, but we need your help as well…Together, we can put an end to environmental racism in Kettleman City and in all of our communities.

-Maricela Mare-Alatorre, long time Kettleman City resident and organizer

Would it surprise you to hear that all but one of California’s 54 hazardous waste facilities are located in low-income communities and/or communities of color, such as rural Kettleman City, where the Western US’s largest dump is? Sadly, probably not. But it what may be surprising is that despite this glaring evidence of environmental racism, the agency in charge of managing hazardous waste has approved a permit to EXPAND the Kettleman City landfill!

Join Kettleman City residents and environmental justice allies from across the state to protest DTSC’s legacy of environmental racism: Wednesday, Oct 9th @ noon – CalEPA headquarters, 1001 I Street, Sacramento. On the Toxic Trail Flyer