Building Healthy Communities from the Ground up

Chronic Polluters are the #1 Threat to Healthy Hoods and a Healthy Economy

healthyhoods8Transforming California’s most vulnerable and polluted neighborhoods into healthy hoods will help drive green investment into the communities that need it most while building a prosperous healthy economy for all Californians. Chronic polluters are draining millions of dollars from our economy in the form of massive health impacts on working families.

Californians are sick of major chronic polluters – like Exide, Chevron, and Waste Management – holding our economy back. These corporations are violating environmental laws over and over, and are polluting our communities and clogging our lungs.

California can commit to building healthy hoods towards a healthy economy by supporting and enacting AB1330: The Environmental Justice Act. CEJA is proud to be working on this exciting piece of legislation, authored by Speaker of the Assembly John Perez. AB1330 leads the way to transform sacrifice zones into healthy hoods by identifying those communities, intervening in the bad, and investing in the good.

AB1330: The Environmental Justice Act Leads the Way From Toxic Hot Spots to Healthy Hoods

AB1330 will:

  • Identify our most vulnerable communities;
  • Intervene in the most poisonous impacts by holding chronic polluters accountable; and
  • Invest in community-led solutions;
  • Involve our communities to restore our democracy!

Read our factsheet on the bill »

Calling all Healthy Hood Heroes: Join the fight to pass AB 1330!

AB 1330 is currently being amended. We are organizing a major campaign to pass the bill and will need YOUR help to do so! Email Amy Vanderwarker to get on the list to receive updates on the bill and find out ways plug into the campaign: