Building Healthy Communities from the Ground up

Media Coverage

Locals travel to San Francisco to rally against NRG plant in Oxnard
December 17, 2015, Ventury County Star, Download PDF

Environmental justice takes world leadership
December 16, 2015, Contra Costa Times, Download PDF

Environmental justice scores a win in California carbon policy
December, 7, 2015, Grist, Download PDF

After attacks, Paris prepares for climate change talks
November 16, 2015, Desert Sun, Download PDF

Bringing Environmental Justice to Poor Communities
November 4, 2015, San Diego Union Tribune, Download PDF

One New Environmental Justice Law You Should Know
October 14, 2015, Bloomberg BNA, Download PDF

Solar power access looking a lot brighter in California
October 9, 2015, Grist, Download PDF

Poor deserve piece of solar energy pie, too
October 8, 2015, Sacramento Bee, Download PDF

Solar power vs. SDG&E
October 1, 2015, San Diego Reader, Download PDF

California legislature delivers environmental justice for poor communities
September 25, 2015, Al Jazeera, Download PDF

Cumulative Impacts in Permitting Coveted by Advocates
September 25, 2015, Bloomberg BNA, Download PDF

Legislators put Big Oil before constituents
September 10, 2015, San Jose Mercury, Download PDF

People Power Policy: Coalition Challenges California to Legislate Climate Equity
September 10, 2015, Reimagine Race Poverty & the Environment, Download PDF

Low-Income Communities Will Be Hit Hardest If We Don’t Wean Off Fossil Fuels
September 7, 2015, Latino Rebels, Download PDF

Californians battle for far-reaching climate legislation
August 28, 2015, People’s World, Download PDF

Brown Convenes Panel To Review Study on Health Effects of Fracking
July 24, 2015, California Healthline, Download PDF

California communities mount protests against fracking, oil drilling
July 24, 2015, Al Jazeera, Download PDF

California PUC Aims to Replace Shuttered Nuclear and Gas With More ‘Preferred Resources’
March 11, 2015, Green Tech Media, Download PDF

Sierra Club urges CPUC not to favor utilities in final SONGS decision
March 9, 2015, Fierce Energy, Download PDF

Sometimes you have to wrestle down the 800-pound fossil fuel gorilla one finger at a time
March 7, 2015, Summit County Voice, Download PDF

Legislature should stand up for environmental justice
January 28, 2015, Sacramento Bee, Download PDF


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