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Help stop a disastrous fossil fuel proposal!

PUC photo July e-blastOne of California’s largest utilities – San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) – wants state regulators at the CA Public Utilities Commission to approve a huge amount of unnecessary, expensive and polluting fossil fuel power.

Help stop SDG&E’s dirty energy proposal and send a clear message: Californians want renewable energy! (Will take you to Vote Solar’s online petition).

Behind closed doors, SDG&E is pushing a proposal for hundreds of megawatts of gas-fired electrical generation to replace the leaky San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station that was shut down in 2012. The proposal’s total price tag is an astonishing $2.6 billion. It completely railroads the California Public Utilities Commission’s own analysis that showed we can replace San Onofre with 100% renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation programs.

SDG&E’s proposal is not just bad for Southern California, it is bad for our entire state and the planet. It will continue climate chaos by permanently increasing fossil power generation and will set a dangerous precedent that circumvents a strong, clear focus on using all available renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation programs first.

Our friends at Vote Solar are trying to collect 50,000 signatures by end of the week. Will you help in the fight against new dirty power plants by signing their petition today?

Low-income communities and communities of color are hit first and worst by climate change, and we know that pollution from power plants disproportionately impacts our communities. Saying NO to SDG&E’s proposal is not just about protecting our climate, it is about improving the health of communities of color throughout Southern California.

Tell state regulators to meet California’s energy needs with renewable energy and reject SDG&E’s dirty energy proposal!